What are Protein in food?

why protein is good for you

Do you know what are protein in food and why it is good for you? why there are different types of Protein? what is low quality or high-quality proteins? These all information we will cover in this article.

what are protein in food?

Protein is an essential micronutrient, but do you know all food sources of protein are not same. Why? due to the amino acid profile they possess. Learn the basics of protein and shape your diet with healthy protein foods.

What Protein do in your body?

Protein make almost every part of our body, for example, our bone, skin, muscle, hair, etc. It is one of three major macro-molecule our body is made up of. It also makes an enzyme that power all systems of our body like digestion, blood clotting, hormones, enzymes, vision, immune response etc. are also consists of proteins. In fact, it is present in every body cell. You are made up of minimum of 10,000 different proteins.

Interestingly, these 10,000 proteins are a combination of 20 amino acids in your body. From which we are taking 9 amino acids from food (Essential amino acids). whi Rest our body is synthesizing on its own. 

Our human body can not store amino acids. So our body makes the in two different ways: either from scratch or by modifying other amino acids.

Besides this, protein is present in every body cell. 

Plant based vs Animal based Protein

We get proteins in our diet from dairy, meat, nuts and certain beans and grains. Protein from meat or animal source are complete protein. Why? because they supply all essential amino acids. Most proteins from plant sources are incomplete, because the amino profile is scattered in different types of plants. It means you have to eat variety of plants in order to make your diet complete.

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However, a study conducted at Stanford university of medical school claims that different plants have different amino profile. If we are taking variety of plant food in our diet, we can have all essential nutrients. As different plants have different amino acid profile.

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