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What is in Dairy Products?

what is in dairy products

What's Dairy Products ?

Milk or any product made up of milk is a dairy product. Dairy products include Cheese, Yogurt, fermented milk, butter, cream, etc. 

The most common dairy-producing animals are buffalo, cows & goats, etc. When we take into account what is in dairy products, we consider these options:

Types of Dairy Products

There are different types of Dairy products. we will discuss them below


Milk is produced by mammals. it is a “Complete food” for infants as it contains all types of nutrients, a young one require. 

For adults it is sometimes difficult to digest milk due to Lactose intolerance. It is because we adults are unable to make enzyme “lactase”.

It is a good source of “Calcium” but according to recent research at Harvard school research results are contrary as they reported that no link has been found between the consistent benefit of bone health related to milk consumption.

Other types of milk include skim milk in which fat percentage is low (less than 1%), whole milk (Fat 3.34%), butter milk, condensed milk or evaporated (powdered milk) etc.

Yogurt Greek

Greek yogurt is a type of yogurt in which we extract water after yogurt formation. so, it has more creamier texture and high in protein. 

Yogurt is high in probiotic bacteria (which is used to make yogurt). These bacteria lives in our gut and cover gut lining, making gut microbiota balance. It also attach to the gut lining, so no pathogen (harmful bacteria) can stay there and make us sick.

There are other types of yogurt including flavor yogurt etc.


Butter is a milk fat mostly produced by milk cream separation. Almost 20 liters of whole milk are required to make 1 kg of butter. In the end, it makes 18 liters of skim milk (the watery part of milk) and buttermilk. 

By heating and removing the solid part of the butter, clear Ghee forms.


We make cheese by separation of curd from whey and then let it ripe with the help of bacteria or mold. There are many types of cheese in market like cream cheese, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese etc.

What is in dairy products which make them spoil?

First of all, there are bacteria, which produce acid in the milk and enhance its spoilage. Other factors include enzymes, which are present naturally in milk, it helps reaction to occur. Although pasteurization kills many bacteria and enzymes as well. Still some enzyme remains.

For example, the protease enzyme helps digest protein and the Lipase enzyme helps break down milk fat. when these essential nutrients in milk broke down, it causes a rancid smell or spoilage. 


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