Calories Burning in an Activity

Calories burned by activity

Every person is unique. We have different capacity when it comes to burning calories in an activity. Factors that impact most are weight, time of activity and activity itself. You can count your calories in a below calories calculator burned:

Calories Calculator Burned During Activity

Calories Burned During an Activity

Calories burned:

calories calculator burned

How many Calories I burn in a day without Exercise?

You can also calculate calories you burn everyday without any exercise, means your body need these calories to function (i.e. your heart to pump, your brain to be actively function etc.) 

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If you wanna dig deeper. You can study Harvard research where they’ve compared 3 different weight type of people and number of calories they’ve burned in different activities. 

Which exercise is best to burn most calories per minute?

Physical exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It also helps you reduce your calories, keep you fit and lower your risks of chronic diseases. Factors that effect your number of calories during physical activity several, such as your weight, age, gender, intensity, and duration of the activity. Here are some examples:

  •  Walking: It is a low-impact exercise. The number of calories you burn during walking depends on your speed, terrain, distance. As an example, a person who weighs 150 pounds can burn approx. 100 calories by walking for 30 min at a moderate pace.
  • Running: It’s high-impact exercise, that can help you burn even more calories than walking because it requires more effort, it can be harder on your joints. The number of calories you burn during running depends upon speed, distance and terrain. For example: A person with 150 pounds weight can burn approx. 300 Cal by running for 30 min at a moderate pace. 
  • Cycling: cycling is a low-impact exercise but also improve your cardiovascular health. The number of calories you burned during this activity depends upon your speed, resistance, and duration. For example: a person with 150 pound weight can burn approx. 200 cal by cycling for 30 min at a moderate pace.
  • Swimming: The number of calories you burn during this activity depends upon your stroke, intensity and duration. For example, a person weighs 150 pounds can burn approx. 200 calories by swimming for 30 minutes.

For Example:

If you’re looking for exercise to burn calories, we have listed a few activities that can be a better choice according to your goals. If you are a woman in your 30s with

  • 68 Kg weight 
  • 5.6 ft Height

You may burn per minute when working at an average pace:

  1. Spinning: 11 Cal
  2. Running: 11 Cal
  3. Swimming: 10 Cal
  4. Skipping: 10 Cal
  5. Jogging: 8 Cal
  6. Cycling: 7 Cal
  7. Yoga: 2 Cal
  8. Tennis: 5 Cal
  9. Pilates: 4 Cal
  10. Walking: 2 Cal
  11. Boxing: 6 Cal

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