Nutritional fact of Banana Fruit and Benefits

nutrition fact of banana

Banana is a famous fresh fruit which everyone love to eat. It is also easy to pack snack and yummy first food for kids. It is also full of nutrition. Here are nutrition fact and benefits of banana fruit. 

It is a powerhouse. It has several nutrients including essential vitamins and minerals along with healthy fiber. That is why healthy not only for babies but kids, teens, adults etc. 

Nutrition Fact of Banana

As banana is full of macro and micro nutrients. Banana consists mainly of Carbs (23g) and water (75%) and they hold little Protein and many micronutrients.

Calorie of small banana


One small size banana (101g) (defined as 6″ to 6-7/8″long) 

contain: 89.9 KCal23 g Carbohydrates12 g Sugars, 2.63g total dietary fiber and 362mg Potassium and much more. 

USDA provides USDA following Nutrition information of Banana. 

nutrition fact of banana

How many Carbs in a banana?

1 small banana contain 23g of carbs. But do you know how much fibre is in a banana? Total 2.6g of dietary fiber is present in a banana, make up to 9% of Daily value. 

Unripe banana (green) is full of Starch & resistant starch, a type of indigestible fiber. So it is less sweet.

As the fruit ripens (yellow) starch change into sugars. The more ripened the more sugar is present. So, its flavor becomes sweeter, and fiber content drops. 

A banana’s Glycemic Index (GI) depends upon its ripening stage. As green banana has low GI due to the presence of fiber and yellow one with spots contain maximum GI. Usually, this fruit has a relatively low GI (42-58). 

GI is a measure of how rapidly carbs in food enter in your bloodstream and raise your blood sugar.

How much Protein does Bananas have?

This fruit is not a good source of Protein. As it contain lots of water with Carbs and minerals. Protein content may vary depends upon size of the banana. But on average it contains almost 1 to 2g of Protein content.

Vitamins and Minerals in a Banana

In fruits banana is famous for Vitamins and mineral contents, especially Potassium, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. 

Vitamin B6

1 small banana possess about 22% Daily value of Vitamin B6.


Potassium is enriched in this fruit. Potassium acts as an electrolyte in your body and you feel energetic in its presence. Bananas provide you with 8% of the Daily Value (%DV). According to study, a diet which has high amount of Potassium can lower blood pressure and elevate heart health. 

The Benefits of a Banana

As we have seen above that banana contain many essential nutrients. Now we will see how these nutrients contribute to obtain optimum health.

1. To give you Boost of Energy

Potassium & Magnesium acts as Electrolyte

This fruit is a natural energy boost. As it contain high amount of Magnesium (5% DV) and Potassium (8% DV). These minerals acts as an electrolyte in the body. These electrolyte help us generate ATP (power). 


May Support exercise Recovery

During exercise we lose electrolytes through sweat. If you eat banana after exercise, it may reduce exercise-related soreness or muscle cramps by replacing Potassium and magnesium electrolytes. 

According to one study, conducted by university of North Carolina, Banana provide excellent nutrition before, during or after any type of exercise, however, we need more research to support such evidence. 

Another study at Harvard school reveal that Banana can be a better source of nutrients and minerals we can have, after sports or exercise rather than sports drinks.



2. Benefit of Banana for Skin

Reduce Skin Acne & Protect from Sun

Banana has high amount of Silicon (5.5mg per 100g) but studies suggest that its absorption is negligible. 

However, you can apply it as a mask contains many nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Potassium. It may reduce hyperpigmentation and acne scars. But Vitamin C also gives your skin a glow and shine. 

There are many antioxidants such as Lutein & zeaxanthin, present in bananas that help your skin’s natural ability to boost sun protection or ultraviolet protection. (Ref) 

3. Banana for Weight Loss

There is no study which directly tested or verified banana for weight loss, however this fruit contain certain attributes which makes it weight loss friendly.

Firstly, eating more fiber from vegetables and fruits linked to weight loss by keeping you full for longer (Ref Banana is evidently possess high fiber or resistant starch (Green or unripe banana), so, they tend to be more filling and reduce your appetite. 

Resistant starch also act as prebiotic (food for healthy bacteria in your gut) which promote gut health and impact your overall health. (Ref)

Secondly, this fruit contains low calories. As Small size bananas contain just 100g, but much healthier and more nutritious. 


Other Benefits

It may helpful for heart health, kidney health, diabetes and many brain related diseases. To sum up, banana is a good source of nutrients as we have seen above nutrition fact of banana and can help you gain quality nutrition on budget. 

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